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DD-275 GP, DD-375 GP, DD-450 GP, DD-500 GP, DDT-275 GP, DDT-500 GP
Double Lines, T-Shirt Bag Making Machine with Fully Automatic Press and Post Gusseting Unit
  DD-275 GP DD-375 GP DD-450 GP DD-500 GP DDT-275 GP DDT-500 GP
Bag Width(mm) 320 320 450 450 320 450
Bag Lenght (mm) 280-700 280-700 280-700 280-800 280-700 280-800
Thickness of Film(mm) 0,007-0,030 0,007-0,030 0,007-0,030 0,007-0,030 0,012-0,050 0,012-0,050
Production Speed (pieces/min) 300 x 2 350 x 2 250 x 2 300 x 2 250 x 2 250 x 2
Total Air Consumption( litre/min ) 500 500 500 500 500 500
Total Installed Power( kW ) 25 25 25 25 25 25
Double Lines Unwinding and Post Gussetting Unit:
» Double Lines Hydraulic Roll Lifting ,Edge Guiding and Unwinding Unit
» Double Lines Post Gusseting System. Easy adjustment mechanism.

Cutting and Sealing(welding) Unit:
» Double lines, double servo motors, double photocells, double rollers
» Double Servo Motors and Invertors Control System
» There are two photocells. Ability to produce double lines printed bags and none-printed bags.
» Bag length, set number can be changed via screen. Bag counting, machine speed can be seen on the screen
» Ability to work with High Density Polyethylene(HDPE) , Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and Recycled Polyethylene materials
» The machine would stop and give information on the screen when `Roll is empty`, `The print mark is not in right position`, `The bags are jammed on the welding area`.
» All bags are stacked on hot and cold pins those are located 10 cm inside from the handle side of the bag
» Thanks to zigzag unit, the welding lines are not superimposed on the other bag`s welding line

Double Line Full Automatic Bag Punching Section :

» Full automatic working with Siemens Plc and Operator Panel.
» The Bag Length is entered on Operator Panel.Then the Machine works completely automatic.You don’t need to adjust sensor places when you have changed the lenght.
» Two independent Hydraulic cylinders ,valves , motors and pressure adjustment switches system for perfect cutting quality
» Extractors Pneumatic Valve and Piston for punching waste for each line.
» Lower Disc is rotated by Ac motor in order to change the cutting point of the Punching Knife.
» The bag packages are arranged in a row on the conveyor.The conveyor is included to machine as standard. Extendend conveyor belt saves your time to pact.