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BS-800, BS-1100, BS-1300, BS-1600
Cold Cutting(Serrated) System, Bottom Seal Bag and Calendar Bag Making Machine
  BS-800 BS-1100 BS-1300 BS-1600
Bag Width(mm)
800 1100 1300 1600
Bag Lenght(mm)
130-3000 130-3000 130-3000 130-3000
Thickness of Film(mm)
0,006-0,150 0,006-0,150 0,010-0,150 0,010-0,300
ToralThickness of Film(mm)
0,300 0,300 0,300 0,600
Production Speed (pieces/min) 150 150 125 100
Total Air Consumption(liter)
200 250 300 350
Total Installed Power(Kw)
10 10 10 10
» Cold cutting System.
» All Sacks are stacked on cold pins those are located 1 cm inside from the open side of the sack.
» The sack packages are arranged in a row on the conveyor.The conveyor is included to machine as standard.
» Servo Motor and Invertor Control System.
» Bag lenght, set number can be changed via screen. Bag counting, machine speed can be seen on the screen.
» There is one photocell. Ability to produce printed bags and none-printed bags.
» Ability to work with High Density Poly Ethilene(HDPE) , Low Density Poly Ethilene(LDPE) and Recycled Polyethilene materials.
» The machine would stop and give information on the screen when `Roll is empty`, `The print mark is not in right position`, `The bags are jammed on the welding area`.
BS-1100 Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine
BS-1100 : Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine with CE Covers