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PSR-900, PSR-1100
From Roll to Roll, Perforated, Bottom Sealed Bag on a big core Making Machine
  PSR-900 PSR- 1100
Max. Film Width(mm) 900 1100
Max. Winding Width (mm) 900 1100
Max. Roll Unwinder Diameter(mm) 900 900
Max. Roll Rewinder Diameter (mm) 400 400
Inside Diameter of Core 76.2 76.2
Sealing Width (mm) 900 1100
Max. Bag Width (mm) 900 1100
Bag Length (mm) 150-2500 150-2500
Max. Line Speed (m/min.) 100 80
Total Thickness of Film 0,020 - 0,300 0,020 - 0,300
Max. Production Speed (pieces /min.) 150 150
Total Air Consumption (litre/ min.) 250 250
Total Installed Power (kW) 18 20
» Machine can make Bottom Sealed Perforated Bag on Roll with Big Core.
»It’s possible to produce Laundry(Angle Shape) Bag.
»It’s possible to make Double Sealing on Bottom Side of Bag.
»The machine has just single line working system.
»Suitable for High Density Polyethylene (H.D.P.E) Low Density Polyethylene (L.D.P.E) bags and recycle bags.
»Wrapping system is with single station and core changing system is manual type by hand.
»High speed operation and accurate – length to cut - thanks to servomotor, servo driver and the special program on it.
»Working either with or without Photocell.
»Sack length, production speed can be seen and change easily via touch screen operator panel.
»Machine has edge guide unit on rewinder station and unwinder station.
»The Machine has Hydraulic Roll Lifting Unit with Top Unwinder Motor Controlled.
PSR-900 Laundry Bag Making Machine from Roll to Roll